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Developing intelligent and unique solutions for customers’ requirements is at the forefront of what we do in the sphere of HFFR & PVC compound research and production to fulfill all needs of our customers completely.

PROMINVEST PLASTIC is a developer of National Standards of Ukraine. Our R&D specialists have developed more than 100 formulations of PVC and HFFR compounds for electric insulating compositions.

These formulations are applied in compositions of wire&cable with special properties:

- low smoke & fume, flame retardant cables; - cold resistant cables; - cables operated in a tropical climate, suitable for wet locations; - oil, diesel and petrol resistant cables; - fiber-optic cables; - low voltage power cables; - cables for railway rolling stock; - shipboard cables; - wires and cables for the automotive industry; - cables used at nuclear power plants; - cables for subway facilities.



The heart of the PROMINVEST PLASTIC R&D is the developing and testing laboratory, where the scientists, PhD specialists do work. It is able to conduct chemical and physical tests of mineral and polymer raw materials, finished goods.

The laboratory is licensed in Ukraine for compounds and wire&cable products testing according to the flame retardant standards. It is also accredited in National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine, it confirms competence of our testing laboratory according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


R&D investments

We invest constantly 3-5 percent of our sales revenue in research and development.

We know that to develop the most advanced products and give something back to society this is the only way to achieve the best results.

Scientific researches, development of technology and cooperation with academic institutions are important for us as a social responsible innovative company.


Our goals

Prominvest Research & Development is never complete until we’re satisfied that every effort has been made to fully understand what tangible end-user benefits our innovation will help deliver.