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PROMINVEST PLASTIC produces more than 100 formulations of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and halogen-free (HF) compounds used for insulation, sheathing and bedding cable-conductor products. We are known as creative innovators, high-quality manufacturers and reliable suppliers in our industry.

Our modern equipment from leading manufacturers such as Brabender, Buss, Coperion, Dynisco, FTT, MTI, Zwick allows us to develop, produce and test products so they can fully meet the customers’ requirements.

Our production capacity of 45,000 tons per year allows us to quickly respond to technical requirements and ensure production and delivery just in time.

High-tech production allows our company to produce high-quality and innovative HFFR, LS FR PVC compounds of trade mark PROMINVEST.


Quality of materials

Our compounds meet increased requirements for fire safety, resistance, non-propagation of combustion, low toxicity, low smoke & fume emission.

Our PVC and HF compounds can be both heat-resistant and cold-resistant and withstand the maximum operating temperatures from - 60°С+125°С.

PROMINVEST Compounds can be used both in conditions of the extreme North, and in a tropical climate, they are resistant to ultraviolet, fungal and termite damage.

We use first-class raw materials of leading and world-renowned manufacturers and suppliers such as Akdeniz Kimya, ARKEMA, BASF, Biesterfeld, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Evonic Industries, ExxonMobil, INEOS Group, LG Chem, Marubeni, Nabaltec, Omya Group, Repsol, Sabic, Shin Etsu Chemical, Telko, Wacker Chemie, Westlake Chemical.



PROMINVEST PLASTIC produces compounds for the making of cable products, which is in demand in various industries.

For example, the construction of nuclear power plants, oil and gas production, formation of rolling stock, the construction of gas stations and various places of storage or usage of combustible fuel and fuels and lubricants, the automotive industry and shipbuilding, instrumentation, elevator facilities, electrical equipment and telecommunications, the construction of a subway, high-risk facilities or other facilities in large crowded places. All of them can safely use cable products created of compounds of PROMINVEST trade mark.

Our goal is to create safe, unique formulations to meet your individual requirements